Deppe – siedziba.

Site Verl

We manufacture our wood profiles on a production and stock area of 5,000qm. 50 employees are working on various moulding profiles and prefabricated furniture parts. Individuality and flexibility are the characteristics of this product division.

Our edge-glued panels are manufactured on an additional production area of 2,300qm, where 20 employees produce edge-glued panels according to customer order. On the basis of fixed measures, it can be chosen between continuous and finger-jointed lamellas in diversified thickness. 4,000qm of storage space adjoin this area.

Production Site Ukraine


Our subsidiary was founded in 1998.
Edge-glued panels with continuous lamella in beech and oak are manufactured here. So this plant with a staff of 80 members and a production area of 2.18 ha is a constructive extension to our panel production in Verl. Constant growth and a good deal of perseverance with regard to entrepreneurial decisions have brought technique and process flow in line with occidental standards.