Deppe – Innovative supplier for wood professionals

When Arnold Deppe set up business in 1973 by producing solid-wood profiles on 200 m², he established a successful family-owned company in the wood industry.

For more than 40 years, the company Deppe has been a reliable partner and a recognized medium-sized supplier for:

  • furniture and kitchen industries
  • doors and caravaning industries
  • commercial and store construction

Philosophy and Guidelines


You can compare us to a long-distance runner who is making great efforts in order to achieve a sense of well-being when crossing the finish line: We enter the contest for you with the objective of reaching a common goal together with our customers.

In order to remain able to stick to our principles, we have to use our resources responsibly. This does not only include a sensible treatment of our employees, but also a long-term consideration of our customers’ needs as well as a good co-operation with our suppliers. A steady technical development is part of our economic strategy as well as a casual return to traditional methods and strategies.

Social Responsibility
A long-term entrepreneurial success includes the responsibility for a positive social climate. This is why we are not only committed for developing our personnel and keeping an eye on health and safety measures, but also for supporting regional aid programs. For example, part of our premises are used by a hospice association and by a Balkan aid association. We support the latter by providing transport facilities and by preparing those transports. In order to counter skills shortage, we continuously educate young wood mechanics.

We are certified.
This guarantees that the wood we employ comes from forests which are managed on the basis of precisely defined principles.


Our products are mainly made of wood and wood composites. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards this natural resource. This is why we attach great importance to getting proofs of provenience from our suppliers. Sustainable forestry as well as a gentle use of technologies and a long-term environment-oriented strategy of forest enterprises is of great importance to us. In particular, we are neither directly nor indirectly involved in felling or trading with illegally harvested wood respectively wood out of forestry cultivation which infringes local, national or international law, wood originating from areas in which traditional and civil basic rights are infringed, wood originating from forests whose special protection is endangered by forestry or natural forests which have been converted into plantations or non-forestal use, and wood originating from forests which are planted with genetically modified tree species. Furthermore, we are neither directly nor indirectly involved in the infringement of property, rent or exploitation rights of third parties, the non-payment of taxes and dues, the infringement of tax and tariff laws in the country of origin, the trade with conflict wood, and the infringement of any of the ILO (International Labour Organization) principles defined in the ILO declaration of 1998. Moreover, we steadily control and improve the gentle use of raw materials, energy and other substances. We are FSC and PEFC certified and can thus guarantee that the wood we use originates from sustainable agriculture and not from valuable natural forests.


In addition to the profiles and panels we manufacture, various service items ensure our wide-spread performance range:

  • own tool production
  • short-term production of samples
  • stock of prefabricated parts for
  • reduction of lead time
  • conditioning / finishing of profiles
  • daily delivery of required profiles per commission
  • packing according to customers’ specification, e.g. metal racks or
  • cardboard packaging
  • delivery with own vehicles or with reliable
  • forwarding agents
  • data network connection, e.g. for online-placing of orders